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Таа е најсекси мајка на светот

Илдико Ференци на Инстаграм често објавува фотографии на кои го дои своето бебе, а целта и е да покаже дека доењето е нормална работа, поради тоа другите мајки упатуваат пофалби на нејзина сметка.

•FOREVER• I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you will be! My heart stops every time he looks at me…I can’t help but love everything about this beautiful boy, but most of all I adore that his heart is so kind, generous, and full of love…his new obsession is asking mommy for a baby to love! ?♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️ Mommy swag @livify @windsorstore @bcbgmaxazria @jimmychoo Baby swagg @burtsbeesbaby #momlife #mom #fit #fitmom #fitness #blogger #fashion #luxury #travel #jetsetter

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Таа се породила пред повеќе од една година, а вели дека сега прави се што може за нормализирање на доењето во јавноста.

•YOU WILL NEVER• Have this day with ur baby again. Tomorrow they’ll be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift. Don’t rush, just breathe, take ur time, notice, study their gorgeous sweet faces and tiny little feet. Pay attention. Relish all the charms of the present. Enjoy today, it will be over before u know it. I have spent every single day with this precious prince. Even yesterday a gentlemen (perhaps angel) walked up to my family & told us to enjoy every single second of our precious son at soccer practice, Because before u know it they are 5 & life will no longer be about u!! There are so many important lessons babies teach us! Watch for them!(Thank you whoever you are!) I can barely wrap my head around the fact that he is nearly 2! It makes me so emotional when I think about how time flies! Even while desperately trying to store every second in my memory bank. I become teary. I know that my son will only be this little once & once only. He has grown up so quickly already. Even as an active toddler that needs both of his parents constantly & cries for our presence even if we walk to the bathroom ?, the days are long so, SO long, but that time will quickly evaporate. The years are short. It is a good reminder that our kids are tiny for such an incredibly short time & truthfully these moments R given to us as a gift. Not to feel like baby sitters as some may say, but truly a gift from God! To connect with the purest no motives kind of love one that your heart & soul may never ever again feel. Just pure & true love. I look into the face of my baby every day. I exchange connections every single day. It is like a meeting since the day he came into my world, we knew he was a very special gift then, & with every ounce of my heart now. At times, I do forget that he will grow & life will change. This is a reminder that our babes are little only once. Pray with them love with them play & read with them, let them see the reflection of how they make u feel, let them feel the love that intentionally created them. If any jealous peeps makes u feel guilty for being with your baby when they need you the most, their true color will shine pure hate. #baby

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“Не ми е гајле што мислат. Силно верувам дека никој не треба да се плаши да дои дете во јавност. Не станува збор за нив, или мене, приоритет е да моето дете добие храна која му е потребна. Едноставно, детето дава сигнал кога храната му е потребна, а тоа може да се случи било кога и било каде”, изјавила Илдико.